Connect with each other no matter where you are and make money for your group too!
We have 2 fundraising campaign options for you: 
1.  Hands Off

Raise money without any of the hassle.  No order forms, no sorting, no distribution.  We’ll take care of everything!  We’ll provide you with a link to share with your group and they can shop directly from your personalized page on our website.  You can include a combination of custom or current 1 Wave designs up to a maximum of 10 different bracelets.  We’ll ship the bracelets directly to your supporters.  When your campaign finishes, we’ll send you the proceeds.  The best part is you'll earn 30% of all bracelets sold and there is no minimum order quantity!  

2.  Hands On 

Enjoy flexibility by selling bracelets your way - at an event, at your location, or from your website.  You can choose to sell custom bracelets in your colours or choose one of our ready-made Fundraising Packs.  The more bracelets you buy, the more you save and in turn, the more money you raise for your cause.  

Still have questions? Check out our Fundraising FAQ's or fill out the form below to ask questions & start your campaign!