Our Story

We met almost 20 years ago near the beginning of our teaching careers.  Luck brought us together, but common beliefs about the power of positivity, empowering students, and building strong relationships with students and families kept us team teaching for the bulk of our careers.

Fast forward about 20 years and we wanted to make a difference in a new way.  Through our experiences in the classroom and as parents, we recognized the need to do something to support the mental wellness of children and youth.  We also wanted to provide a fresh, new way for schools, teams and organizations to show their spirit and fundraise.  1 Wave Designs was created.

We are a company with creativity, positivity, and giving at the core.  We hope our company brings people together and is a channel for positive action.  Our products are all about feeling good about what you wear and the positive vibes that come from giving back and wearing your school/team/charity colours.  Every product purchased makes a difference.  10% of every sale is donated to child and youth mental health initiatives.  The giving doesn’t end there though.  In addition to supporting our focus on mental wellness, we are also able to support your cause.  Our bracelets help schools, teams and charities raise awareness and money.  

Thank you for believing in us and our little company with a big heart.  Let's make a difference together, one wave at a time.