1.  What price do you suggest we sell your products for at our fundraising event?

While this decision is ultimately up to you and how much you are trying to raise with your campaign, we recommend selling our products for $1 more than the price listed on our website.  

 2.  Do you send the products packaged and ready for sale?

We sure do!  All you have to do is unpack the box and start raising awareness and money for your cause.

3.  Do you provide organizers with flyers to advertise?

If requested, we will provide you with a digital flyer that can be used to send out to all of your supporters.  In efforts to reduce waste, we do not provide paper flyers.

4.  How long do you recommend we run our fundraising campaign?

While ultimately the decision is up to you, we recommend that all fundraising campaigns run for up to 2 weeks.  People tend to put off ordering and often forget if campaigns run too long.


5.  We would like to sell bracelets in our school's colours.  Is it possible to create our own design?

Absolutely!  To help you create your design, our cord and bead colour options can be found under 'Resources' at the bottom of our website.  Alternatively, you can tell us your school colours and leave the designing to us!  This is also true for our fidget pens, endless pencils and keychains.

6.  How do we know how our campaign is doing?

You are welcome to check in with us at any time during your fundraising campaign and we will let you know how your products are selling.  At the end of your campaign, we will send you a report to let you know how many products were sold and to let you know the funds you raised.  Then we will send you a cheque for your total proceeds.  It's that easy!