Silicone Bracelet Information

1.  What are your beads made of?

Our beads are made of 100% food grade silicone.  They are completely non-toxic and odourless. They are also FDA approved, BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, mercury-free...  Basically, they are completely safe, even if you find yourself chewing on your bracelet:)  In fact, silicone is often used in baby teething products. 

2.  What is the cord made of?

We use a 1.5 mm nylon cord for our standard silicone bracelets.  Our paracord bracelets are made using 1.85 mm #95 paracord. 

3.  How many bead colours do you have?

We currently have 89 colours in our 9 mm silicone beads and 59 colours in our 6 mm beads.  Check out our colour wave to see all the colours available.

4.  How many cord colours do you have?

We have 50+ nylon and paracord colours for you to choose from.  Check out our Silicone Cord Colours, Plain Paracord Colours and Multi Paracord Colours to see all of our cord options.

5.  Are your silicone bracelets waterproof?

Yes they are!  Wear your bracelet anytime, anywhere.

6.  I notice my bracelet has fluff and pet fur stuck to it.  Is this normal?

It's completely normal for silicone beads to attract some lint, fluff, fur, etc.  Simply wash your bracelet with soap and water and it will be fluff free.  

7.  How do I adjust the bracelet?

Our silicone bracelets are completely adjustable to fit any size wrist.  To tighten your bracelet, simply pull on both strings simultaneously.  To expand or remove your bracelet, pull on the adjuster bead.  Be careful!  Pulling too aggressively while expanding your bracelet may result in the cord coming through the adjuster bead.  If this happens, use a toothpick or paperclip to push it back through.

8.  How do I know what size to order?

Our bracelets are designed to be adjustable so you can have it fit your wrist just the way you like it.  While they are adjustable, we do offer 2 sizes to better meet the needs of all our customers, including our littlest ones.  Our x-small/small bracelets are designed for children up to adults with small wrists.  These have fewer beads and a shorter cord.  Our medium/large bracelets best fit adults with average to large wrists.  They have more beads and a longer cord.  

9.  I love my bracelet, but I find the cord that hangs down a little long.  What can I do?

We would be happy to help you to shorten the cord ends.  Please send us an email and we'll provide you with instructions.