Product Care

1.  Are your products washable?

Yes!  All our bracelets can be washed with soap and water.

 2.  Are your bracelets affected by lotion, sunscreen, hairspray, etc.?

Lotions, sunscreen, hairspray and other beauty products may, over time change the look of the beads. The moonstone beads may appear more translucent and less frosted after exposure to these products.  Our silicone beads may appear more shiny and our clear glass beads may develop a film.  If any of these happen to you, rest assured that all of our bracelets can be washed with soap and water.  Always be sure to apply these products prior to wearing your 1 Wave design or be sure to remove it while applying.  If your bracelet does come in contact with any of the above mentioned products, try washing it as quickly as possible.