General Questions

1.  Where are your products made?

All of our bracelets and fidget products are handmade to order in Ontario, Canada.  We also assemble our DIY kits in Ontario.

2.  Where did the name, 1 Wave Designs, come from?

1 Wave Designs, comes from the idea of the ripple effect; that one small act, one bracelet, can be the start of something bigger.  By purchasing our products, you create the first wave.  10% of profits are donated to child and youth mental health initiatives.  Your purchase makes a difference for children, youth and families struggling with mental health.  What will the next wave be?  Will your bracelet spark a conversation surrounding mental health?  Will wearing your bracelet send a message to others that mental health matters?  Will you inspire others to support our cause or take action for a cause they believe in?  The possibilities are endless. 

3.  Do you accept bulk orders?

We sure do!  Visit our Fundraisers and Bulk Orders page to get started.

4.  Do you accept custom orders?

Yes!  You can design your own bracelet to fit your style, school, team or charity.  We have 64 bead colours and 47 cord colours for you to choose from.  Visit our Custom Orders page for more information.  

If you would rather leave the designing to us, please send us an email.  Include your colours, as well as any design ideas in your email and we'll put together some options for you to choose from.  

5.  Can we sell your bracelets or fidget products for a fundraiser?

Yes you can!  We partner with schools, teams and organizations to raise awareness and funds.  Visit our Fundraisers and Bulk Orders page to get started.  

6.  I love your company!  How can I get more involved?

Thank you for showing such an interest in our company.  We love hearing from people who share the same passion we do.  There are several ways for you to get more involved:

  • Tell your story on social media.  Spread your love 1 tweet, 1 post, 1 snap, 1 wave at a time.  Use #My1Wave to share your favourite products with friends and family.
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Spread the word.  Wear your 1 Wave designs proudly and tell your friends and family about us.  

7.  Can I sell your products in my retail store?

We would be honoured to have you sell our products in your store.  Please send us an email and we'll get back to you about our Wholesale Program.

8.  How do you split the 10% donation between the various charities?

We divide the money evenly between the charities we support.