Endless Fidget Pencil Product Information

1.  What are your beads made of?

Our beads are made of 100% food grade silicone.  They are completely non-toxic and odourless.  They are FDA approved, BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, mercury-free...  Basically, they are completely safe, even if you find yourself chewing on the beads.  In fact, silicone is often used in baby teething products.

2.  Can I change the order of the beads?

Yes, you can!  The end of the pencil closest to the beads easily unscrews to allow you to change the design of your pencil. 

3.  How do I change the pencil tip to the extra you included?

The old pencil tip unscrews from the silver portion at the end of the pencil.  Please note the silver part remains attached to the pencil while you change the tip.  Unscrew the old tip by holding the part you write with and turning counter clockwise. 

4.  Can I sharpen the pencil tip?

No, the pencil tip does not require sharpening.

5.  Where is the eraser located?

Unscrew the middle of the pencil to reveal the eraser.  While we provide 2 erasers at the time of your purchase, your endless pencil will erase with any eraser.