Fundraising Campaigns

Are you looking to raise awareness and funds for your organization?  Our fundraising products will allow you to do just that while also supporting child and youth mental health initiatives.   10% of your purchase will go directly to charities that support child and youth mental health.  Now that's a fundraiser you can feel good about!  

We have 3 fundraising campaign options for you:

1.  Visit our Shop Colours section in the main menu to see if one of our products match your campaign colour and style.

2.  Appeal to a wide audience and a variety of tastes with one of our Fundraising Packs.  

3.  Create custom bracelets. We have 70 bead colours and 50+ cord options for you to choose from.  Check out our Custom Order Guide to learn about designing your own.  You can also leave the designing to us.  Include your campaign colour(s), as well as any design ideas in your email and we'll put together some options for you to choose from. 

The more bracelets you buy, the more you save and in turn, the more money you raise for your cause.  While the price you sell your 1 Wave bracelets for is up to you, we recommend selling silicone bracelets for $10.00.  Assuming this price, your potential proceeds are shown below.   


YOU RAISE (at $10)

25 - 49 $7.20 (20% off) $2.80
50 - 99 $6.30 (30% off) $3.70
100 + $5.40 (40% off) $4.60

* The prices listed above are per bracelet and before taxes.  

Are you interested in using our clear glass or moonstone collection for your fundraiser?  Check out your potential proceeds with these fundraisers.

Be sure to let us know how your fundraiser goes.  Use #My1WaveFundraiser when sharing your story and images on social media.