Clear Glass on Nylon Product Information

1.  What are your beads made of?

Our beads are made of transparent glass.

2.  What is the cord made of?

We use a 1 mm nylon cord for our clear glass bracelets.  The beads are thread on 2 pieces of cord which is then twisted.

3.  How many cord colours do you have?

We have 16 colours to choose from.  Check out our Clear Glass Cord Colours to see all the options available.

4.  What are your silver and rose gold tags made of?

Our tags are brass which has been plated with silver or rose gold.

5.  Can I have a personalized message etched on the silver and rose gold tags?

We would love to offer personalized messages for our tags, but we currently outsource the etching of our tags and buy them in bulk.  As a result, we are unable to offer personalized messages at this time. We would however, love to hear your inspiring ideas for messages.  Email us your suggestions and we might add your ideas to our next order.

6.  How do I know what size to order?

Our bracelets are designed to be adjustable so you can have it fit your wrist just the way you like it.  While they are adjustable, we do offer 2 sizes to better meet the needs of all our customers.  Our small/medium bracelets are designed for youth and adults with small wrists.  These have fewer beads and a shorter cord.  Our medium/large bracelets fit adults with average to large wrists.  They have more beads and a longer cord.